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    Classics. Veggie nuggets with a crispy outside and a moist, tender inside. Kellogg's Family Reward. Per 4 Nuggets: 180 calories; 1 g sat fat (5% DV); 350 mg sodium (15% DV); 2 g sugars. New resealable pack. Same amount of food. 100% vegetarian. Veggie chik'n nuggets. 40% less fat than chicken nuggets (Chicken nuggets, dark and white meat, contains 14 g total fat per serving [86 g]. MorningStar Farms Chik'n Nuggets contain 8 g total fat per serving [86 g]). 12 g protein. 4 g fiber. Contains 8 g total fat per servings. At MorningStar Farms, we think each and every meal can be the most important one of the day, because eating a diet high in veggie protein is good for you and for the world. With over 30 MorningStar Farms products and hundreds of our recipe ideas online, it's easy to enjoy a delicious veggie meal anytime of the day. Mini chik'n & waffles - A downsized classic with maple syrup & green onions. Chik'n nugget tacos - Reinvent taco night with fresh veggies & shredded cheese. Discover delicious meal ideas at: morningstarfarms.com. Questions or comments? Visit: morningstarfarms.com. Call: 1-800-962-0120. Provide production code on package. Kellogg's Family Rewards: Learn more at KFR.com. how2recycle.info.






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